What is Genetic counselling

What is Genetic Counselling

Genetic counselling is the way to communicate, understand, and advise individuals who are at risk or are affected by genetic disorders on the basis of family medical history and inheritance patterns. This communicative process helps individuals in risk management and family planning by monitoring the recurrence of any type of disorder that may affect them or their families later in life

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Why study Genetic Counselling?

The adoption of genetic testing is rapidly becoming a way forward in the medical industry. Medical experts across the globe are now relying on genetic and genomic information to treat patients more quickly and efficiently.

Genetic counselling is an amalgam of art and science that requires impeccable communication skills to understand the patient, their history, and psyche along with a complete understanding of complex scientific components like medical genetics.

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What is Genetic counselling

See What Real Life Genetic Counsellor Have to Say


Highlights of Genetic Counselling Webinar

Who can attend the webinar
  • MSc or MTech. in Human Genetics / Biochemistry / Biotechnology / Life Sciences / Microbiology / Molecular Biology students.
  • Working professionals
  • BTech/BSc Genetic Engineering students
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What you’ll learn
  • Wide perspective on genetic counselling by industry experts.
  • Learn about various career prospects in genetic counselling.
  • Course designed and delivered by Medical Geneticists, Clinicians and Genetic Counsellors
  • Practical training at globally recognised Genetic Centres.
  • Science and art of genetic counselling in clinical practice with special emphasis on developing counselling skills for common genetic disorders
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  • Faculty
    Dr. Madhavilatha

    MedGenome Labs, Bangalore

  • Faculty
    Dr. Veronica Arora

    Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi

Topic of discussion: How to start a rewarding career in genetic counselling

Quotes from Industry specialists

Congratulations to Future Medicine Academy for their efforts in building a community of Genetic Counsellors in India. Their comprehensive syllabus will be useful for candidates aspiring to qualify in the Certification exam conducted by the Board of Genetic Counselling – India

Dr. Q. Annie Hasan

President, Genetic Board of Counselling, India and
Consultant & HOD, Department of Genetics and
Molecular Medicine, Kamineni Hospital,

Genetic counsellors have tremendous opportunities, listed as one of the top 25 jobs in India. There is an explosion in Genetic test & Genetic counsellors fill the information gap for patients

Dr. I C Verma

Honorary Adviser, Institute of Genetics and
Genomics, Sri Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi.

Career Prospects

While Genetic Counselling is a very niche avenue in medical science, there are various industries students can look for a successful career in this field.

  • Healthcare industry.
  • Universities/Educational Institutions.
  • Laboratories and research institutes.
  • Government and Non-Profit organisations.
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FAQs about Genetic Counselling

A Genetic counselor is a healthcare expert with a specialized degree in medical genetics who help in assisting people that are suffering from genetic health issues. Other responsibilities of a Genetic counselor are:

  • Determining possible treatment and precautions.
  • Analyse the Social, medical and ethical grounds before Genetic testing.
  • To counsel families or refer them to relevant support services.

Genetic counselling in India is still a fairly new concept for the majority of people, although in the last few years India has seen a boom in the Genomic industry and has been flourishing ever since. There are several job prospects you can look into for a successful career in Genetic counselling.

Doctors or health care providers may suggest or ask you to sign up for Genetic counselling when there seems to be genetic complications. You may also go for Genetic counselling for the asses medical history and family planning.

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